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Import formats and examples
You can use open source datasets and build tasks in Heartex.Datasets .

For this project we support the following file formats:
  • JSON: text files in javascript object notation format
  • CSV: text files with tables in Comma Separated Values format
  • TSV: text files with tables in Tab Separated Value format
  • TXT: simple text files, similar to CSV with one column and no header, supported if the project config contains one source only
  • ZIP / RAR with one or multiple files inside from the list below, e.g.: "zip *.json"
  • Import multiple files at once if you need
  • Or click here to add a sample task right now.
  • Read more about import in our documentation
How to import my resource files (audio, images, video, etc)?
  • If you use text only just import JSON/CSV/TSV with your texts.

  • If you run Label Studio Backend locally you may use local path to resources as input and LS Backend will serve it, e.g.:
    label-studio init -i /my/dataset/images --input-format image-dir

  • Images, audio, video and other external files could be imported to any hosting with http/https access. Your JSON/CSV/TSV must contain http/https URLs to them.